Secret Army

During World War II, a Belgian resistance movement called Lifeline, based in Brussels, organises the return of Allied airmen who have been shot down by the Luftwaffe to the United Kingdom.

Duration: 50 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1977

IMDb: 8.6

Season 1 - Secret Army
07 Sep 1977
"Lisa and Albert are suspicious when a former evader returns to the Candide. Meanwhile, Major Brandt, of the Luftwaffe Polizei, sizes up to the newly arrived Ludwig Kessler."
14 Sep 1977
"Some escapees are caught and shot by Kessler. One survives, but he would rather die than talk."
21 Sep 1977
"Curtis brings money from England for the escape plans, befriends a Jewish family living in hiding and tries to become involved with Yvette."
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12 Oct 1977
"A young boy finds a wounded airman hiding in a barn. Rashly, the airman gives the boy a gift and puts Lifeline at risk."
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26 Oct 1977
"Curtis wants to investigate who betrayed Peter Romsey in France, but Lifeline does not trust him and puts Monique on his tail."
02 Nov 1977
"Yvette is imprisoned in a raid and her uncle Gaston is taken and questioned by Kessler. Lifeline is faced with collapse."
09 Nov 1977
"A downed South African airman, Noel Uys cannot convince Lifeline of his identity and seizes Natalie as a hostage."
23 Nov 1977
"The Gestapo infiltrate the Lifeline organization with German officer Ernst Stoller posing as an escaped airman. Monique falls for the infiltrator."
30 Nov 1977
"Recognizing the value of a propaganda coup if successful, Curtis persuades Yvette to help smuggle a Belgian minister in the puppet regime to England. Meanwhile, Lifeline has been penetrated by another German agent."
07 Dec 1977
"A downed British airman approaches Madame Bidout, an elderly Englishwoman and asks her for help. She hides him, but is so frightened that she calls Major Brandt, a childhood friend of her late son. The airman turns out to be another "
14 Dec 1977
"Prior Father Pierre shelters an RAF escapee in his monastery, but Brother Anselm thinks friars should stay out of the war. His betrayal brings in Kessler and the Gestapo."
21 Dec 1977
"Curtis is under suspicion for subversive activity and possible murder. Kessler and Brandt trace him to the Caf\u00e9 Candide, then take him for questioning."
Season 3 - Secret Army
22 Sep 1979
"An instant mutual antipathy develops between Kessler and Brandt's replacement, Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt. Albert and Monique are fearful when Reinhardt visits the Candide with a captured airman. Meanwhile Natalie is finding it..."
"No description"
20 Oct 1979
"With Albert still imprisoned, Monique and Pascal have to cope with airmen carrying the bubonic plague from North Africa."
27 Oct 1979
"While Kessler is on leave in Berlin, Alain is detained by the Gestapo. Newly returned Major Bradley brokers a deal for his escape with Germans made desperate by the Allied advance."
"No description"
10 Nov 1979
"A permanent V2 site is discovered on the Belgian-Dutch border, and Bradley plans a raid with the resistance and the army of concealed airmen. Bradley introduces himself to Kessler (posing as a German colleague) and dines with him at "
"No description"
24 Nov 1979
"Albert finally gets released from prison and returns to find 'Collaborator' graffiti on the restaurant. Locals are making open threats to the Candide staff, assuming they have collaborated and profited during the occupation. Alain ha"
01 Dec 1979
"Vercors holds his three prisoners at an unknown location, and intends to execute Albert to avenge Max. Natalie manages to get help from the newly arrived Allies, and saves him just in time. But he is seriously affected by his ordeal."
"No description"